What are the Student Data Principles?

In fall 2014, the Data Quality Campaign and the Consortium for School Networking convened a diverse coalition of national education organizations to talk about what we needed to do together to address important and pressing concerns about student data privacy, and equip the field with the ability to effectively use and protect student information.

We represent voices at all levels of education, from parents to school administrators to state education chiefs. All of us believe passionately in the effective use of data to support student learning and success and the critical importance of protecting that data.

Together we developed the Student Data Principles. These 10 principles are the values that guide our work and that we believe should guide the work of everyone who uses student information to support learning and success. This is a fundamental framework for educational institutions to build upon, above and beyond complying with federal, state, and local laws.

You can find more information about how student data are used and safeguarded, including what laws and protections are in place, here.


Who are the Student Data Principles supporters?

Supporters are national associations and non-profit organizations that represent a range of perspectives, experience, and stakeholders in the education community. These national voices provide support for the field of education. They believe passionately in the effective use of data to support student learning and success.

How can the Student Data Principles be used?

This statement of shared values can be used by anyone to initiate conversations about the use of student information and the importance of protecting it.

Schools and school systems, and anyone who has access to students’ personal information must do everything in their power to ensure that information is protected and used to support students. They should use these principles to guide their data policies and practices.

How can you be part of the effort?

Everyone has a role to play in safeguarding student information. We encourage you to share publically that you believe in these 10 principles by posting a link on your website, printing the PDF , and otherwise starting a dialogue about them within your community.

If you are an education service provider, we encourage you to join your peers in signing the Student Privacy Pledge.

To learn more about how data are used and safeguarded, and what role you can play, visit our resources page or contact us at info@studentdataprinciples.org.